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Members Benefits

Over the past couple of months, the club has been working on an initiative to increase members benefits. We have crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s with a few local businesses in the area to make sure you as members get the most out of your membership & also a little thank-you for the continued support at Scarborough Cricket Club.

Member’s benefits are discounts or offers that the businesses are offering you as members at Scarborough Cricket Club. We have 10 great offers that you can take full advantage of (as long as you hold an up to date membership with the Club).

See below for all offers and discounts you can redeem;

  1. Discounted room prices at Britannia Hotels (The Royal & The Clifton Only)
  2. 10% off £30.00 at Owzat Cricket (Scarborough Store Only)
  3. 10% off stays at The Sands
  4. 2 for 1 entry at Burton Constable
  5. Discount bar prices in the Pavilion Bar
  6. 10% off Function room prices at SCC
  7. Discounted rates with Breesha Curphey – Sports Rehabilitator
  8. 10% off Memberships at Body Complete Gym (Scarborough Only)
  9. 10% off £250 with Signs Express Scarborough
  10. £5 off Festival Dinner price


If you have any questions regarding Member Benefits please get in contact with the club.

You will receive all relevant information to do with the Members Benefits and all Terms and Conditions that apply to the discounts, with your Membership Booklet.

Here is some information on the businesses that are offering discounts to you!

Burton Constable

Burton Constable Hall & Grounds

Hull, East Yorkshire, HU11 4LN

Tel: 01964 562400

Burton Constable Hall is an Elizabethan gem nestling in the heart of East Yorkshire surrounded by 330 acres of stunning ‘Capability Brown’ landscaped Grade II* listed parkland. Burton Constable has been the home of the Constable Family for over 700 years and is one of the most fascinating country houses to survive with its historic collections. It offers a unique and exceptional day out for all the family whilst maintaining its atmosphere of calm and gentle peacefulness. Our aim is to share with everyone this beautiful place that is full of quirky, interesting and extraordinary things. It is owned by the Burton Constable Foundation, a charity established in 1992 whose mission is to safeguard Burton Constable for future generations.

A Country House Christmas – Burton Constable Hall

Saturday 24th November to Sunday 16th December


A visit to this fascinating country house at Christmas is the perfect chance to lift your spirits for the festive season ahead.

Meander upstairs and downstairs through 30 evocative rooms filled with fine art and furniture that will be transformed with seasonal floral displays, stunning decorations and garlands. Children can experience the magic of the hall at its twinkling best as they search for the Christmas Reindeer hidden in each room.

Hall: Open daily 11am to 4pm, last admission 3pm.

Stables, Grounds, Tea Room and Gift Shop open daily 10am - 5pm, last admission to the Stables & Grounds 4pm. Normal admission charges apply.


Breesha Curphey – Sport Rehabilitator

BSc (Hons) degree in Sport Rehabilitation. If you are suffering from musculoskeletal pain, an ongoing injury or would like a sports massage. Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more details.


Telephone; 07840 034927

Email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Body Complete Gym;

Body Complete is your antidote to the usual impersonal, intimidating and overcrowded gym. We put you, our clients first. All our memberships include personal coaching to get you on the path to meet your goals. We’ll support you every step of the way and keep you accountable for your success. No fads, no gimmicks.

If you want to get results and learn to move properly in a comfortable safe environment, then you’ve come to the right place!






100 Club Winners - Congratulations to all the 100 Club Winners

April 2019

1st - £50 - Number 77 - Mr K Fawcett

2nd - £20 - Number 5 - Mr GP Gridley

3rd - £10 - Number 29 - Miss JC Hanley

March 2019

1st - £50 - Number 45 - Mr R Laidler

2nd - £20 - Number 57 - Mr PR Barley

3rd - £10 - Number 73 - Mr NL Fletcher


February 2019

1st - £50 - Number 39 - Mr GN Watson

2nd - £20 - Number 23 - Mr C White

3rd - £10 - Number 16 - Mr H Dawson

January 2019

1st - £50 - Number 61 - Mr H Murden

2nd - £20 - Number 49 - Mr GN Watson

3rd - £10 - Number 32 - Mr H Dawson

December 2018

1st - £50 - Number 29 - Mr N.S Pollard

2nd - £20 - Number 75 - Mrs B Jones

3rd - £10 - Number 19 - Mr J Jordan

November 2018

1st - £50 - Number 70 - Mr R.I Moss

2nd - £20 - Number 32 - Mr H Dawson

3rd - £10 - Number 64 - Mrs E.A Laidler

October 2018

1st - £50 - Number 105 - Mr J Brown

2nd - £20 - Number 47 - Mr RCA Eastwood

3rd - £10 - Number 68 - Mr NL Fletcher

September 2018

1st - £50 - Number 11 - Sir Alan Ayckbourn

2nd - £20 - Number 99 - Mr K Manning

3rd - £10 - Number 67 - Mr PR Barley

August 2018

1st - £50 - Number 61 - Mr HF Murden

2nd - £20 - Number 120 - Mrs MD Hellawell

3rd - £10 - Number 73 - Mr AG Nicholson

Quarterly Draw

£50 - Number 25 - JD Rafferty

July 2018

1st - £50 - Number 41 - Mr NL Fletcher

2nd - £20 - Number 81 - Mr PC Cooper

3rd - £10 - Number 119 - Mrs AE Downes

June 2018

1st - £50 - Number 83 - Mr RWH Daniel

2nd - £20 - Number 87 - Mr AG Nicholson

3rd - £10 - Number 67 - Mr PR Barley

May 2018

1st - £50 - Number 18 - Mr BA Young

2nd - £20 - Number 44 - Sir Alan Ayckbourn

3rd - £10 - Number 57 - Mrs N Brough

Quarterly Draw

£50 - Number 116 - Mr JA Lumsden

April 2018

1st - £50 - Number 23 - Mr AG Nicholson

2nd - £20 - Number 38 - Mr MJ Crofts

3rd - £10 - Number 17 - Mr GWS Cawthorn



Scarborough Cricket Club was formed in 1849, and have been at North Marine Road since 1871, where Yorkshire also play matches.

New members are always welcome, whether as a playing member or a non-playing member. The social facilities at the club include use of the impressive main pavilion, and entry to all matches including 1st Class fixtures involving Yorkshire. The pavilion includes disabled access to all floors.

Our membership tariff is below, and an inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

Ref Type Details - Entitlement £
2a Life (over 17) A single payment entitles a person to life membership and to a non-transferable ticket giving freedom of access to all parts of the ground for all matches. 1,050
2b Life (over 65) As above. 650
3a Full One non-transferable membership ticket giving free access to all parts of the ground for all matches. 95
3b Full OAP & Country As above for OAP's and members resident outside the geographical boundaries of York, North, South and West Yorkshire, Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire and Cleveland 75
3c Full - Joint Husband and wife membership 180
4 Business - Annual Two transferable tickets are issued (in the name of the Company) and this carries the same privileges as Enclosure Membership 200 + VAT
5 Executive - Annual An Executive Member is entitled to two non-transferable tickets giving free access to all parts of the ground for all matches and which confers considerable hospitality and other benefits during the annual cricket Festival. 285 + vat
6 Junior (16 and under) The entitlement is to a non-transferable ticket which gives free access to all parts of the ground, except the Pavilion, for all matches. (Non voting). 30
7 Vice President A full member is entitled to a non-transferable membership giving free access to all part of the ground for all matches. All members will have their name on a board in the Pavilion Lounge. 250

We can also be contacted by phone: 01723 365625 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

100 Club

Give yourself a chance to win £50 every month!

£2 donation per month - help maintain the ground at North Marine Road

  1. All profits will be put towards Ground renovation and maintenance.
  2. Membership of the 100 Club is restricted to members of Scarborough Cricket Club.
  3. Payment of a monthly donation of £2 entitles each member to be allocated one number in the monthly and quarterly draw.
  4. The monthly prizes will be £50; £20 and £10. The additional quarterly prize will be £50
  5. The number of entries sold shall be at the discretion of the committee.
  6. The value of the prizes may be amended in relation to the number of entries sold but the maximum aggregate prize money shall not exceed 50% of the total annual donations
  7. Any member may purchase more than one entry.